Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Carmel Point

The extraordinary patience of things!
The beautiful place defaced with a crop of suburban houses -
How beautiful when we first beheld it,
Unbroken field of poppy and lupin walled with clean cliffs;
No intrusion but two or three horses pasturing,
Or a few milch cows rubbing their flanks on the outcrop rockheads -
Now the spoiler has come; does it care?
Not faintly. It has all time. It knows the people are a tide
That swells and in time will ebb, and all
Their works will dissolve. Meanwhile the image of pristine beauty
Lives at the very grain of the granite,
Safe as the endless ocean that climbs our cliff. - As for us:
We must uncenter our minds from ourselves;
We must unhumanise our views a little, and become confident
As the rock and ocean that we were made from.

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