Friday, 10 May 2013

Snake's Heat Organ

Description: after sun is slow burn
as eye scales darken.
                                 Water’s no-burn.
Smaller sunlives all dim slowly
to predawn invisibility
but self-digesters constantly glow-burn.
Their blood-coals fleet
                                        glimmering as I spin
lightly over textures.
                                       Passenger of my passage
I reach round upright leaf-burners, I
reach and follow under rock balances,
I gather at the drinking margin.
Across the nothing there
                                            an ardency
is lapping blank, which segments serially up
beneath the coruscating braincakes
                                                                   into the body
three skin-sheddings’ length of no-burn negatively
coiled in a guttering chamber:
                                                 a fox,
it is pedalling of now,
a scintillating melon,
                                    gamboge in its hull
                                    round a dark seed centre
and hungry as the sun.

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