Friday, 10 February 2012

Listen, Mr Oxford Don

Me not no Oxford don
me a simple immigrant
from Clapham Common
I didn't graduate
I immigrate

But listen Mr Oxford don
I'm a man on de run
and a man on de run
is a dangerous one

I ent have no gun
I ent have no knife
but mugging de Queen's English
is the story of my life
I don't need no axe

to split/ up yu syntax
I don't need no hammer
to mash up yu grammar
I warning you Mr Oxford don

I'm a wanted man
and a wanted man
is a dangerous one
Dem accuse me of assault
on de Oxford dictionary

imagine a concise peaceful man like me
dem want me to serve time
for inciting rhyme to riot
but I tekking it quiet
down here in Clapham Common
I'm not violent man, Mr Oxford don

I only armed wit mih human breath
but human breath
is a dangerous weapon
So mek dem send one big word after me

I ent serving no jail sentence
I slashing suffix in self-defence
I bashing future wit present tense
and if necessary

I making de Queen's English accessory
to my offence

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